End Grain Cutting Boards

by Mary Lucas on January 17, 2014

High Quality End Grain Cutting Boards

I want to talk a little bit about why it’s important to buy the best End Grain Cutting Boards rather than to save a bit of money and be surely disappointed from purchasing a low quality cutting board.  I have had several experiences with this as of late.  Because I am a complete cooking aficionado I do have a love for a good cutting board or chopping block.  There’s nothing quite like a well oiled, solid endgrain cutting board to help me enjoy a cooking experience.

I recently purchased my newest End Grain Cutting Board from a great website called ChopaSaurus.com.  They specialize in all types of cutting boards and have a huge selection and great prices.  You can get there via the graphic link on this website.  I am extremely happy with it and of course it’s end grain.

Unfortunately I have not always been so wise as to which boards to buy and I have bought a few in the past from Costco and Walmart that cracked almost immediately.  I paid about $20 each for them and that’s about what they were worth.  Both of these cutting boards were of the thinner variety and what usually happens there is that they warp immediately after several uses.


What is End Grain?

When referring to wood, imagine a tree that has been sliced from one end to the other along it’s length.  What you see here is face grain.  It is considerably more flexible and weaker by nature than end grain.  if you have a cutting board made this way it is more susceptible to warping, cracking and breaking.  The true strength of a cutting board is reached through the use of end grain techniques.  Imagine cutting a tree horizontally across it’s axis.  You would see all of the growth rings and this is where the strength of a tree lies.  When making wood cutting boards, end grain is preferred.  Usually multiple pieces of lumber are joined together via glue to make beautiful and unique checkerboard patterns.  Not only do these end grain cutting boards look good, but they maximize the durability and strength of the wood.

End-Grain-Cross-SectionThe Benefits of an End Grain Cutting Board.

  • produces the strongest cut of wood
  • unique patterns
  • resistant to warping
  • natural bacteria resistance
  • resistant to cuts and cracking

End grain wood cutting boards tend to come with a higher price tag due to the difficulty of manufacturing and because of their beauty and longevity but in my opinion they are worth every penny.  Although there are many types of beautiful cutting boards made with face grain, most of these types of cutting boards would be best suited to food preparation where they are not subjected to sharp objects.  So in the future if you find yourself trying to decide on that perfect cutting board remember, you heard it here first …… choose End Grain!


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Evolv Vitamins – Best Vitamins on the Planet

by Mary Lucas on April 7, 2013

Evolv Ultimate Liquid VitaminsWhat is Evolv Ultimate?

Evolv Ultimate is a liquid vitamin suspension offering a wide spectrum of over 20 minerals and vitamins in every serving.  1 serving of Evolv Vitamins is approximately 20 ounces (2 shots).  The most important thing about Evolv Vitamins is that Evolv uses ONLY 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients in The Ultimate vitamin supplement.  This is also the case with all of their other products like the Evolv Nutritional Shake or Evolv Limitless containing betalains for joint pain and arthritis relief.

Evolv Liquid Vitamin Cellular Nutrition

Due to pesticides, poor soil quality and the ever increasing quantity of processed food we are getting fewer and fewer vitamins from natural sources Evolv Ultimate lets you fill in the nutrient gaps left by the modern diet.  Evolv health functions not only as a vitamin, but as cellular nutrition as well!  Here are just a few of the benefits of the Evolv Vitamins

  • Strong antioxidant support
  • Promotes healthy metabolism
  • Aids in muscle recovery
  • Supports glucose metabolism
  • Boosts health immune function

What are the Base Ingredients of the Evolv Ultimate Vitamin

The main ingredients of Evolv Ultimate are …

  • purified water
  • apple juice concentrate
  • pear juice concentrate
  • white grape juice concentrate
  • natural flavors
  • citric acid
  • gum arabic
  • stevia extract
  • xanthan gum

The body is an intricate system of organs and tissues, each one relying on the others to work properly to keep you healthy. The whole-body nutrient profile offered by the comprehensive supplementation in Evolv ULTIMATE’s formula provides an ideal combination of nutrients to keep you at peak performance throughout your day.

Download the Evolv Ultimate Vitamin Fact Sheet

Are Liquid Vitamins Better?

The primary desirable attribute of liquid vitamins is the FACT that they are more readily assimilated or absorbed by the body.  They are absorbed much quicker and more consistently than the average dry vitamin pill.  Less of the vitamin is wasted in this way.  Liquid vitamins are rated #1 overall because they simply give that extra edge and this is why many athletes choose liquid vitamins over the standard ones.  From a cost perspective, as with all elite products they cost a bit more.

Cost of Evolv Ultimate Vitamins

This information was taken right off of the Evolv website today.  One nice thing about the Evolve site is that anybody can go in a check out prices … you don’t have to “sign-up” or agree to anything to do so.

2 Bottles
Retail: $80.40
Wholesale: $67.00
Retail price is what you would pay if you are not an Evolv Distributor (It only cost’s $24.95 if you just join and don’t get a distributor kit – this is a one time fee)
Wholesale price is for Evolv Distributors.  It’s quite a savings really so if you decide to use Evolve Vitamins or any other Evolv products on a regular basis you might want to consider joining as you don’t have to sell anything if you don’t want to and in that regard I suppose it would be kind of like getting a discount membership.


Take a minute to watch this video and see how Evolv Ultimate Vitamins can help you address the problem of poor nutrition.

Can I take Evolv Ultimate Liquid Vitamins if I’m Pregnant?

Absolutely, in fact many doctor’s actually prefer that their pregnant patients take liquid vitamins during their pregnancy instead the traditional pill vitamins!

Evolv-Liquid-Vitamin-TasteHow does it taste?

Having personal experience with this as I am a regular consumer of Evolve Ultimate Vitamins I can tell you that it tastes like orange juice.  It ACTUALLY tastes more like Orange Juice Concentrate – you know like the stuff in those little frozen cans!  I personally just drink it in one gulp but if you add water to it, it tastes exactly like a glass of orange juice.

Want to try Evolv Vitamins for FREE?

Getting your products for FREE is easy with Evolv’s Customer Referral Program. Simply refer three new customers each month, and your next month’s supply (of equal or lesser value) is absolutely free! All you have to do is refer customers and pay shipping. Every month is free as long as you have three!

Want to Buy Some Evolv ULTIMATE?

Just click on the bottle to be taken right to our Evolv Order Page.  Once there, click on BUY and then select your country and language preference.


Thank you, for taking the time to check out the information on the Evolv Health Ultimate Liquid Vitamin.  If you are unsure of anything and you would like clarification or if you have any other question my contact information is at the bottom of this page.  I would be happy to speak with you personally.




CONTACT MARY LUCAS                 
email:    mary@maryleelucas.com
Tel:    613-549-2183
Order Online: http://marylucas.myevolv.com/

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April13-sunny-and-share-scentsy-scentSoft sea air,  golden citrus and dewy driftwood scattered with white beach daisies best describes this month’s scent of the month.  Buy a Sunny & Share Scentsy bar in the month of April and save 10%.Buy-Now







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Become a Scentsy Consultant in Canada

by Mary Lucas on April 6, 2013

Become a Scentsy Consultant in Canada

Scentsy provides us with a great opportunity to start a business and work from home selling flameless wickless candles.  If you’re looking to make just a little to supplement your current income or to take on your own business full time, Scentsy has something for you.  Scentsy has shown amazing growth and as a personal business the growth potential is limitless.  Set your own hours, be your own boss and make new friends and acquaintances along the way!  If you decide to sell Scentsy you won’t regret it!

Are you trying to decide if becoming a Scentsy consultant is for you?  Please take the time to read the rest of the information on this page and then if you still have questions I would be happy to answer them.

Just send me an email with your questions or give me a call directly @ 1-613-549-2183

Why Join Scentsy in Canada?

Are you tired of the day to day grind?  Want something to replace or supplement your 9-5 job?  When you sell Scentsy Candles you become an independent entrepreneur with the ability to set your hours while working at home.  As a consultant you will have the chance to earn in excess of 30% on product sales. You also may receive leadership bonuses of up to 9% on your entire network volume). Wondering if the product will sell? As per directsellingnews. com, Scentsy, Inc. is shown as 23rd within the Global 100 report on the best direct promoting companies on the planet with 2010 product sales of $382 trillion. Not harmful to a company that’s only been around since 2004 huh?

Here are some reasons why people become reps with Scentsy:

  1. These people Join Scentsy with regard to fun
  2. Join to receive discounts upon Scentsy merchandise
  3. They have already a full-time job, but desire to sell Scentsy on the side to earn extra money
  4. Join to produce a few further bucks every month to repay bills
  5. Join to sell Scentsy in your free time
  6. Join to sell Scentsy full-time

Can a Scentsy Consultant Make Lots of Money?

Unfortunately there in fact is no way to determine the average Scentsy commission. People who Join simply to receive discounts on personal purchases are likely to receive much smaller commission checks then individuals who sell Scentsy full time. Some consultants only work one or two hours a week, and several run their Scentsy business steady.   Also, consultants focus on different elements of their business. Some consultants give attention to building a strong group by recruiting other experts, others focus solely in selling Scentsy products and several work on both.

Because of this, it is really difficult to pinpoint an exact figure, it depends entirely on how much effort and time you’re willing to put into it. Some consultants create earn six figures selling Scentsy, and several make a couple hundred dollars monthly. One thing that I will promise is that if you join my team I will do my very best to guide you into becoming a successful consultant.  I can be reached almost anytime by telephone if you ever have any inquiries or concerns.  If I am unavailable simply leave me a note or send me a message and I will make contact with you asap.  I have provided the Scentsy Compensation Plan for your review.

Join Scentsy Kingston - Compensation Plan

 How Much Does it Cost and What Will I Receive?

It is possible to join Scentsy  for $119 + tax if you live in Canada and $99 + tax if you live in the USA. When sign up you will receive a Scentsy kit which includes everything you need to start your own business.  Scentsy will also supply you with a free website for your first 3 months where customers can purchase goods online.  After the three month trial you can continue this website for only $12 a month.  I will also supply you with the support and answers you need to get your brand new Scentsy candle enterprise started, all you have to do is give me a call or send me a message.

What’s in the Canadian Scentsy Starter Kit?

Scentsy Canada Starter Kit

  • 1 full size Scentsy electric candle warmer
  • 1 Scentsy Buddy
  • 1 Scent Pak
  • Layers by Scentsy Products
  • 1 Scentsy Bar
  • 3 Light bulbs
  • 50 catalogs
  • 100 order forms
  • 1 complete set of 80 party-size fragrance testers
  • Various business supplies
  • New consultant start-up guide
  • Discover Scentsy DVD

Click Scentsy Starter Kit for a complete list of the kit’s contents or if you like you can view our online catalog.

Join Scentsy in Kingston Ontario

Although you can join my team from anywhere in Canada, I am located in Kingston, Ontario.  If you are from Kingston and you would like to join Scentsy in Kingston please contact me and we can discuss it over the phone or I would be more than happy to meet you and provide you with some samples and a catalog.  As well, I always have Scentsy Stock on hand for any of my local consultants in Kingston and the surrounding areas including but not limited to the following:

  • Scentsy in Gananoque, Canada
  • Scentsy in Napanee, Canada
  • Scentsy in Deseronto, Canada
  • Scentsy in Watertown, NY
  • Scentsy in Picton, Canada
  • Scentsy in Tweed, Canada
  • Scentsy in Belleville, Canada
  • Scentsy in Brockville, Canada
  • Scentsy in Perth, Canada
  • Scentsy in Wellington, Canada
  • Scentsy in Smiths Falls, Canada
  • Scentsy in Oswego, NY
  • Scentsy in Prescott, Canada
  • Scentsy in Ogdensburg, NY
  • Scentsy in Fulton, NY

Join Scentsy Canada

Scentsy became available in Canada on September 1st 2009 and we are currently looking for consultants in every city and province.  If you’re location is not listed below it’s not a problem.  Contact me and I will set you up!

  • Scentsy British Columbia
  • Vancouver
  • Vernon
  • Victoria
  • Kelowna
  • Abbotsford
  • Kamloops
  • Nanaimo
  • Prince George
  • Chilliwack


  • Scentsy Alberta
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Grand Prairie
  • Red Deer
  • Lethbridge
  • Fort Mcmurray
  • St. Albert
  • Scentsy Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon
  • Regina
  • Prince Albert
  • Moose jaw
  • Yorkton
  • Scentsy Manitoba
  • Winnipeg
  • Brandon
  • Thompson
  • Portage la Prairie
  • Steinbach
  • Scentsy Ontario
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Hamilton
  • London
  • Kitchener
  • St Catherines
  • Niagara Region
  • Sarnia
  • Windsor
  • Oshawa
  • Sudbury
  • Kingston
  • Thunder Bay
  • Barrie
  • Timmins
  • Scentsy New Brunswick
  • Fredericton
  • Moncton
  • Saint John
  • Bathurst
  • Campbellton
  • Sussex
  • Miramichi
  • Scentsy Nova Scotia
  • Halifax
  • Dartmouth
  • Sydney
  • Glace Bay
  • New Glassgow
  • Truro
  • Cape Breton
  • Scentsy Prince Edward Island
  • Charlottetown
  • Summerside
  • Souris
  • Cornwall
  • Georgetown
  • Stratford
  • Scentsy Newfoundland
  • St John’s
  • Paradise
  • Corner Brook
  • Mount Pearl
  • Scentsy Labrador
  • Goose Bay
  • Labrador City
  • Battle Harbour
  • Churchill Falls
  • Hopedale
  • Scentsy Yukon
  • Whitehorse
  • Watson Lake
  • Mayo
  • Haines Junction
  • Dawson City
  • Scentsy Northwest Territories
  • Yellowknife
  • Inuvik
  • Fort Smith
  • Hay River
  • Fort Simpson
  • Behchoko
  • Scentsy Nunavut
  • Igualuit
  • Arviat
  • Cambridge Bay
  • Baker Lake
  • Cape Dorset
  • Scentsy Québec
  • Montreal
  • Ville de Québec
  • All other cities

Contact Information – Mary Lucas

Scentsy in Kingston – Mary Lucas                       
email:    mary@maryleelucas.com
Tel:    613-549-2183
View Online Catalog:    www.endlesscents.com
Order From Scentsy Kingston:      https://endlesscents.scentsy.ca/Scentsy/Buy


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