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Hello, My name is Mary Lucas and thank you for visiting my About Me page! The following is my story in a nutshell. Maybe you can relate to my experiences….


12 months ago……..


Most people don’t love what they do for a living. I know I didn’t. Waking up to an alarm every day, to spend 8 – 12 hours of my day doing a job I no longer enjoyed, trading my time for money, wasn’t exactly my idea of an awesome lifestyle. But I was stuck.

Why was I stuck? Well to begin with, I was conditioned my entire life to:

1. Get an education…

2. Get a job…

3. Buy a house, buy a car, rack up debt, debt, debt,

4. Continue working for the rest of my life to pay off the education, house, cars and debt.


At 37 years old, four children that I was missing out on, I had to find a way to come outside of my comfort zone and be more of a full time mom and less of a statistic!

The idea was that (like most) I wanted the freedom to stay home and raise my own children but have money to pay the bills and enjoy life.  Hmm, sounds like a great idea right…I soon found out that this was not going to be easy.  I tried running a daycare, seems easy enough I know when not factoring in that I was still working for someone else, still robbing my kids of “me” time, oh…and the headaches!  This was NOT how things were suppose to be.  Picking up a few hours at a local clothing store seemed like a better option, however working night’s and weekend’s wasn’t what I had in mind.  Imagine, I had gone right back to corporate warfare!  I was once again working for a company that entitled me to a number, a login to be recognized for hours worked…again, I was over worked, under paid, missing my family more and more.

Fast forward 4 months….

A highschool friend was online, just out of boredom alone I decided to check in with her and walk down memory lane.  I had no idea what I was about to stumble upon from a simple message sent over the net.  She started talking to me about a business venture she was marketing!  I couldn’t exactly wrap my mind around the entire idea at that point.  Yes, I like most do have computer experience, but to become a network marketing professional!  I was a little intimidated to be perfectly honest, and very skeptical.  How could something that sounded so simple and easy really have the kind of success she was describing.  I was raised to believe that if it sounded to good to be true…RUN!  With great hesitation, I trusted our friendship and agreed to at least try it and get back to her.(Let me just tell you upfront that my About Me page is not to tell you about how awesome Network Marketing is – just how it opened my eyes to the light of hope; to the possibility that maybe there was another way to create the life I longed for). I threw myself into my new part-time “job,” as a Network Marketer… turns out that I was quite good at it, and had some success.

My Network Marketing career was growing nicely and after a couple of incredible events I realized I no longer wanted or needed my retail job. I simply walked in and set my “available hours” to none. Freedom was ringing in my ears the last time I left that place – I couldn’t wait to throw myself into Networking full-time – at this point I was truly passionate about my products and business – and was ready to create the life of my dreams.

But then something strange and unexpected happened. I had no one to talk to. All of the leads or contacts I had through work dried up. Now I was spending my days rearranging my home office, and reading about other people’s success stories, wondering why my phone wasn’t ringing off the hook. As my momentum slowed down, the small empire I had built for myself began to crumble. My paychecks plummeted and I was left feeling frustrated, plowing through what remained of my savings.

For all of my passion I was failing… the reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to breathe new life into my business, but how? If only I could find some people like myself, with similar vision and drive, and the courage to move forward in the face of adversity. I knew the Internet was full of success stories, and so without any direction I started this blog about network marketing online, because I was passionate about it…

I hated  that people become slaves to a job,(including myself) to a corporation or a boss – allowing the rich to stay rich and the worker bees (me) to stay just over broke. (interesting acronym for J.O.B.) It drives me crazy that society is so conditioned to believe in the “American Dream,” that working harder is working smarter, and that by moving up the corporate ladder you will some how be better off than the average person.

It’s all CRAP… climbing the ladder adds more time to your workday (less time doing what you want to do), and once you hit middle management, deprives you of overtime pay. What a dream that is. I get mad when I think of it, and I wanted to tell everyone that there is a better way – even if it wasn’t exactly working for me.

I wouldn’t have believed what happened next if it had not happened to me… I got an email from a friend saying she loved my articles and post’s.  She thought it would be a great idea to finally publish them openly for the world to see.  Then asked me if I would give her the opportunity to join my team, and could I teach her how to build a business!

And then I realized it – in all the time I had been pushing myself to learn the ins and outs of Network Marketing online, what I had really learned was Marketing online. It didn’t matter what the product or service was – I was able to get my content on the first page of Google. Kind of a cool for the “new kid on the block”.

And so here I am, by no means an extraordinary Network Marketer, or Internet Marketer for that matter. But what I am is a person with an interesting and useful skill-set, which happens to be one that many people want to learn. Through sharing that knowledge and helping others achieve their goals, I’ve been able to create an income that isn’t dependant on set hours or someone else’s schedule.  I am free to live my life on my own terms. And I have great news; you can too.

Please don’t misinterpret; I work very hard. But I work very hard for myself, and I can work hard from wherever I choose to. Believe me, it’s a beautiful thing.

If you are where I was, feeling frustrated, trapped on a 9 to 5 hamster wheel that you can’t seem to stop, I’m here to offer you hope. Hang out here and I promise to share everything I know about creating an income online.

The time for waiting and hoping for something to change is over. If you want something to change, you have to take the first step to make it happen.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions and/or comments, I’m very approachable and open to suggestions!


Mary Lucas





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