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by admin on April 14, 2015

Is There a Body By Vi Scam?

So it was brought to my attention that someone had posted recently “Is there a Body By Vi scam”? Most of these “facts” were brought into the limelight by an Isagenix promoter, this alone made me raise an eyebrow. I mean even if you take the desperate plea for her business sales off the table, can you please say “unethical”! Personally I don’t believe anyone should be using unethical practices to try and mislead others by purposefully misinforming them (of said ‘alleged’ Visalus scam) so that the individual may “score a sale”. I will do us all a favor and give a REAL comparison…no gimmicks, no hype….just the facts! It’s not exactly a secret these day’s that 2 product line’s are taking over the market. You guessed it, ViSalus Body By Vi and Isagenix! I can honestly tell you that after comparing the Companies on a “business” level,Body By Vi does come out on top as being rated the #1 company on the market in North America based on product. Comparing comp plan’s can be a bit tricky, both companies have many “bonuses” to offer. Both offer “free” product to loyal customers on a referral basis, both are commission based. Body By Vi offer’s a BMW payment of $600 a mth or $300 for keeping a qualified rank of regional director, this can be a huge selling point to grow your business. Isagenix offer’s frequent offer’s to sign promoters for “free”. This can be a bonus as it has the potential to grow your business as well as give prospects the “impulse” to buy for free. My advice..consider your own need’s and want’s after researching both companies and find which one will meet your goal’s with the biggest benefit to you personally. It seems very self serving and misleading for another promoter of a similar company with similar offers to suggest a Body By Vi scam, or a Visalus scam.

Body By Vi Scam – The Visalus Nutritional Shake Comparison.

As you will see below, I have added a comparison chart. Please keep in mind initially that the comparison for Body By Vi is done with “unprepared” values. The reason for this is because the shakes can be mixed with a variety of liquids. As a meal replacement however, the shakes must be mixed with soy or milk to meet the meal replacement requirements (according to ViSalus Sciences) . In the following chart I have added the proper content when the shakes are mixed with skim milk. This should give us a better view of both Body By Viand Isagenix (as well as many others) for a “prepared” total of each product.

Another important point worth discussing is Sucralose. Yes, Body By Vi uses Sucralose! This may seem a bit frightening for some..most likely due to a misunderstanding of Sucralose.Body By Vi uses .03mg of sucralose, so if you divide .03mg by 26,000mg you can see it is a minuscule amount.People that are allergic to artificial sweeteners tend to be allergic to aspartame, which has phenylalanine compounds. Body By Vi doesn’t use aspartame for this, and other reasons. Body By Vi uses sucralose for taste, and also to keep their products diabetic friendly. It is unfortunate that there is so much confusion and misinformation about sweeteners. Sweeteners have received bad press, primarily because of aspartame, which degrades when heated (it is safe when cold) and tastes bad. Sucralose has been found safe both in hot and cold applications, and has had over 110 peer reviewed studies completed. This is why Sucralose has been approved by over 80 countries globally. I like to say that many people feel the FDA approved drugs too easily (i.e. Vioxx, Phen Phen), so that if you trust other countries more (several globally are more stringent), then looking abroad is a good benchmark as well. Body By Viuses a very small 0.03 mg per serving, which is about 1/3 of the amount in a diet cola.

Isagenix Scam or Body By Vi Scam?

I would have to say neither. Product assessments are largely based on personal preference. When comparing facts, that’s another story and clearly suggest that there is not in fact a Visalus scam. Now that we have been able to clear the air on Body By Vi, let’s get back to Isagenix! I personally have had product user’s who claim the taste is rather strong and bitter (Sadly I had to agree) Strangely enough I found it a bit on the confusing side. I was told I had to do a 30 day detox BEFORE I could start taking the daily drink. After my “detox and cleanse” for 30 days I could get started but had to start a different product! This was a big turn off for me. I was terrified of “cleansing” while getting groceries or on my way to my children’s school… 30 day’s is a bit much for a “superior” product. Body By Vialso has a “detox”, this is done while taking your shakes, in fact, it’s IN the shakes (detoxing takes place within the first few days). This concept was much easier for me to understand and easier on my pocket book!

Is there a Body By Vi Scam…My conclusion….

If you’re here because you’re searching for a weight loss or health solution I would urge you to do your due diligence and actually find out what’s in the products, as opposed to making a uneducated choice in of an obviously competitive market. And let me make that even easier for you…CLICK HERE FOR BODY BY VI NUTRITIONAL VALUE AND INGREDIENTS!Body By Vi has a non profit charity called “feed the hungry”, also having one of the founders own a large portion of the stocks in Blyth (the financial backer) and taking the CEO position within Blyth helps to dispel the ever popular “pyramid scheme” scare. Logically speaking, a company with profit sharing, stocks on wall street, publishes a health magazine, gives a money back guarantee, AND the product’s WORK…this isn’t a “scheme”, it’s an opportunity! If you have a job with a CEO, a president, manager, assistant manager, and employee’s…you have a pyramid!! As for the product’s, I have no doubt the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. I believe Body by Vi to be a better product with proven results. When comparing both for an entrepreneurship, both offer a variety of incentives and bonuses to win you over. When researching the “fine print” of both, Body By Vi gives you the highest pay rate in the quickest time. Residual income is a must in this day, make the most of what you do. If you love your company and are fulfilled in what you do, support it, commit to it. Happy to have cleared the air…. Sincerely,


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