Evolv Health – Why We Switched To Evolv

by admin on April 15, 2015

Evolv Health – Why We Switched to Evolv

It’s been a long time coming, and almost a whole year in the making but we have finally decided to take the plunge and switch to a Health and Wellness company that puts health first, and people before profit.  We decided to switch to Evolv Health for quite a number of reasons which I will go through in detail.  The health industry is quite a competitive market and with everybody out there trying to get the edge and focused so much on profit I think we got a bit lost in the haze.  The main thing in the industry should be health.  Enter Evolv Health.  Evolv has a number of elite products and is in fact the ONLY company with a 100% natural product.  Evolv Health Nutritional Shakes are the ONLY 100% Natural Nutritional Shake on the market today.  Period.  There are several other products that I will cover in another article such as Archaea Active – Biologically Active Spring Water, Evolv Limitless – a betalain product for joints and Evolv Ultimate – an all natural liquid form vitamin.

Evolv Health – Evolving From Visalus

That’s right, we are former Visalus Distributors and we made the switch to Evolv Health recently which for the most part was an easy decision.  I’m not going to go off bashing Visalus because we did great with that company for a year and at the time we did think we were helping people.  The hardest part was making the decision to walk away from a substantial income and a BMW payment, as we did have the car.  Once that decision was made, moving forward with Evolv Health was as natural as Evolv products themselves.  We have “Evolved”.  But what does this really mean?

Evolv Health has the ONLY 100% all natural nutritional shake!

By Evolving, we chose to put people before profit.  We chose to put nutrition and a quality product first and an income stream second.  Not that you can’t make a lot of money with Evolv Health, because you can – Evolv has a phenomenal compensation plan, it’s just that we have decided NOT to receive a paycheck by selling a product that is loaded with artificials.  Morals, ethics and integrity come into play now. We believed we were doing good before so that was ok, but now we know better and it’s time to do what’s right!

What is Evolv Health?

Quite simply Evlov Health is the nutritional health and wellness company that is going to revolutionize the industry.  Every single one of their products is all natural.  No other company on the planet can truthfully say this.  Evolv is about putting people and their health first.  The Evolv Health nutritional shake is Health Canada Approved and it has NO SOY and NO SUCRALOSE.  As I mentioned previously Evolv has a whole host of other natural and highly beneficial products which I will detail in upcoming articles including the cPrime bracelet that puts the magnetic energy system of the whole body in balance.  It’s not a gimmick – just like all Evolv Health products, it really works.

Evolv Health has several packages that are designed to help individuals with weight loss, energy and performance and they are called Burn, Fuel and Edge respectively.  For more on these programs check out my Evolv Health website.

The Evolv Health Compensation Plan

Alright so we already have the best products on the market, but can we make money promoting Evolv Health?  If financial freedom is what you’re looking for you’ve come to the right place for several reasons;

  1. After being involved with several other MLM companies and after reviewing many more the Evolv Health comp plan is clearly outstanding. It offers several ways to make a very good income including retail, 1-2-free, Binary, Check Match and Leader pools.
  2. Since Evolv is in it’s infancy and in fact has only been in Canada for 3 months, the opportunity to start in the upper echelons of the company has great allure and is an amazing opportunity in itself.
  3. Rank Bonuses for attaining new ranks.
  4. Drive Program – where you can earn a free $600/month car payment towards a Mercedes or a Bentley and as you progress in rank, these car bonuses get to over $3000 per month no matter what car you choose!

I’ll go into great detail again in an upcoming post but I just wanted to give you a general idea of what you can expect and of course as always more information is available at my website or feel free to call us directly or by email.

Evolv Health e84 Challenge – What’s your e84?

e84 is a coordinated program of tools, guidance, and support from Evolv Health that provides you the means and motivation to achieve personal goals and break those persistent bad habits that create stress, illness, and financial strain in your life. You CAN Evolv your life in 84 days!  Along with this challenge you will get a free Facebook app that allows you to track your challenge daily and should you so desire, compare your results with the rest of the nation!  There are also thousands of dollars in prizes to be won!

We Have Evolved!

We feel that we have made the right decision on many levels to switch to Evolv Health.  Definitely our families financial security is something that we think about and Evolv offers the best possibilities for income along with the best all natural product.  Even if all you care about in this business is the potential to make a lot of money, you just can not do it without a quality product to stand behind.  Over the next week or so we will be looking at several Evolv topics and producing some very informative articles on this new business opportunity so please feel free to come back and browse.

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact us via email or by telephone @ 613-531-8008


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